Engineering Design and Construction - EDC -

About Us

EDC’s leadership and growth is centered on our core values of: safety, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and results.
EDC, is an engineering consulting firm specialized in the analysis, designing, optimization and implementation studies of any civil engineering structure.
Founded and headquartered in Tunisia, our roots go back to 2013. Since then, EDC has evolved ! The EDC Companie has created a proven track record of completing a wide variety of projects from General Construction to Construction Management and Design Build Projects for both public and private owners.

The EDC family has strong team of experts , professionals and the capability to both manage and self-perform on small and large projects of various types , If you are looking for a team of problem solvers, you’ve come to the right place. We deliver civil construction and conception services on time and on budget.
We do not subscribe to a hands-off approach here. Not only do we manage the project, but we do the work. And we believe in doing our work with excellence and integrity every step of the way.